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... equipment, that material is best for health furniture like stainless steel or powder coat steel, our product can be seen in the leading hospital in all around Indonesia. save  ...
Thursday, 12 October 2006
2. About Rigen
... Java, Indonesia Factory/Showroom Perum. Baturan Indah Baru Blok BD.11, Baturan, Colomadu, Karang anyar 57171, Central Java, Indonesia Postal Address Perum. Baturan Indah Baru Blok BD.11, ...
Wednesday, 11 October 2006
3. Bambang Sulistiyawan
(Contact / Rigen Contacts)
Bambang Sulistiyawan, Direktur, cvrigensaranamukti@gmail.com ptrijencahayamuliya@gmail.com
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Hospital Equipment
hospital equipment
is our superior product,with the best price, best quality, and best service ,we take care of your ordered gladly